Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Delay Delayed - But Not Stopped

The registered Republicans of Tom Delay’s district, have shown confidence in their swaggering savior by approving him as their candidate for a twelfth congressional term.

Was it the moral high ground taken by Mr. Delay in his dealings with Jack Abramoff that earned him 62% of voting GOPers? Ignoring an indictment by the state of Texas for money laundering, golf junkets with the aforementioned lobbyist paid for by Choctaw Indian and internet gambling interests, these enlightened voters rejected calls from primary opponents to take integrity into consideration before pulling the lever. The money laundering was in connection with circumventing the law prohibiting corporate contributions to candidates in state elections.

My take on this is that loyal party hacks that always vote in a primary, vs. the wider electorate, wished to reward the man (who’s reputation has won him the handle of “The Hammer”), for his supreme effort to rid the state legislature of that pesky Democratic opposition. Delay went the extra mile to prevent those endangered Democrats from leaving the state to avoid the quorum needed for Republicans to accomplish their dastardly deed. The gerrymandering that resulted would make even Gerry roll over in his grave.

In the general elections this November, Mr. Delay’s district will have to decide on a Democrat who lost his seat in one of the Hammer’s redistricting efforts, or to give Delay another chance to wreak havoc with democracy.


RagingGurrl said...

What the heck are they drinkin' in Texas anyway?
I do hope his constituents sober up, but it's unlikely. Those folk are either stupid drunk, idiots, or stupid drunk idiots. In any case, these folks need the keys taken away from them.
How about a license to vote? Test their knowledge of the Constitution for starters.

RagingGurrl said...

What a difference a month makes :-D