Thursday, March 09, 2006

Hypocrisy Now: Abortion – All Wrong for America, Selectively Right for America’s New Nuclear buddy, India.

In the world’s largest democracy, it is legal to abort a fetus, but not if the abortion is performed to terminate the pregnancy of a mother carrying a female child. Despite this anti-female foeticide law, which is not very popular because it prevents would-be parents of girls from aborting children who would be a burden to them - you know, dowries and all that - abortions for this purpose are rampant in India. In fact, this practice is so well known that Indians living abroad return there for the sole purpose of having this procedure performed.

So, during my latest sleepless night, I tossed and turned thinking about how hard our President works to protect the life of the unborn child, but puts no pressure on our newest nuclear partner to enforce their abortion law. If Bush and his congressional cohorts could spend just one fifth of the time saving the lives of the already born (instead of saving fetuses, abandoned embryos and those in persistent vegetative states) I might be able to forgive him for all his other sins (I said might).

In that forward thinking state of South Dakota it is now illegal to perform an abortion for any reason except to save the life of the expectant mom. This means pregnancies resulting from rape or incest would have to be brought to term, unless the mother had some ill-will toward the perpetrator and travels to another state (or in the near future another country*) to perform this procedure. You mean women might not want to have the child of her rapist?

*This will certainly be the first real test of Roe v Wade for the Bush shaped U.S. Supreme Court in the next several months. I’m not anticipating too many restful nights thinking about how that might turn out.

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RagingGurrl said...

About 10 more states will follow through with similar bans on abortion.
I say, let them. I think the residents of those states need a wind howling box in the ears. Yup, just swing your hands in and Pow! Right up the side of their heads. Harsh? Yup. But I'll bet the women of those states will soon be kickin' the shins of their legislators while asking, "How does that feel, asshole? It hurts? Not as much as my back alley abortion you prick!"
Yessir, I'll even betcha that some ladies will aim higher.