Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Michelle Malkin stalks a 12 year old boy

Michelle Malkin has taken it upon herself to harrass a 12 year old boy in retaliation for a speech he gave supporting the S-CHIP program.

From TP:
Two weeks ago, the Democratic radio address was delivered by a 12-year old Maryland boy named Graeme Frost. Graeme told his story of being involved in a severe car accident three years ago, and having received access to medical care because of the Children’s Health Insurance Program. He said:

If it weren’t for CHIP, I might not be here today. … We got the help we needed because we had health insurance for us through the CHIP program. But there are millions of kids out there who don’t have CHIP, and they wouldn’t get the care that my sister and I did if they got hurt. … I just hope the President will listen to my story and help other kids to be as lucky as me.

Michelle and other right wing bloggers immediately launched a smear campaign against Graeme and have repeatedly called him at his home asking for details about the family's living arrangements.

But Michelle went a step further. Michelle did a "drive by" of Graeme's father's small business where she corralled a tenant to interrogate him about the Frost family.

From Michelle Malkin's website:
2:50pm Eastern: I just returned from a visit to Frost’s commercial property near Patterson Park in Baltimore. It’s a modest place. Talked to one of the tenants, Mike Reilly, who is a talented welder. He said he had known the Frosts for 10 years. Business is good, he told me, though he characterized Frost as “struggling.” Reilly was an outspoken advocate for socialized health care without any means-testing whatsoever and an insistent critic of the Iraq war.

My, my that must have set her off. So she headed to Graeme's house.

I also passed by the Frosts’ rowhouse. There was an “01 - 20 -09″ bumper sticker plastered on the door and a newer model GMC Suburban parked directly in front of the house. I’ve seen guesstimates of the house’s worth in the $400,000-plus range. Those are high.

She's now obsessed with the value of their house? How many people have bought houses years ago that have increased in value to the point where they couldn't afford to buy them today? And that sticker on the door obviously means they're not Bushies, so in her mind they're fair game.

Michelle is one sick bitch. I wouldn't be surprised if she publishes their address and encourages her readers to harrass them as well. Does the family need a restaining order?

Friday, October 05, 2007

"The pictures are what will stop the war", Brian De Palma

Thank you to BlueGal at Crooks and Liars for posting my video "Right to Life", on their site.

Ken Burn's documentary on WWII, "The War", had some of the first horrific images of that war that have ever been broadcast. He and directors like Brian De Palma with "Redacted", are breaking the rules because we need to know that war is hell. Bush wouldn't know this. Neither would Cheney. That's why sending Americans to die in their war is so easy for them.
And that's why we need intelligent, compassionate leadership.

I made the video over a year ago, because I think there is such a disconnect between what war supporters believe and reality. The networks refuse to show us what our tax dollars are paying for in Iraq. If they broadcast the mangled bodies of innocent dead children and our dead soldiers, this war would be over and companies like Cheney's Halliburton would lose money. So corporate media shuts its eyes and ours.

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