Thursday, December 22, 2005

NYC Transit Strike

Not sure the Billionaire Mayor has any leg to stand on regarding his opposition to the MTA workers' security, benefits, and salary requests. Why shouldn’t they fight for these things? Good faith bargaining wasn’t working.

Their timing is great strategically. It will encourage the big guys to get back to the negotiating table quicker. I’d support any workers who have the courage to do the same.

The argument: "their pay should be lower because other city workers make less" doesn't make sense. Teachers, policemen, firefighters should all have higher salaries – don't fight against other workers striving to make a decent living, this is non productive. MTA employees should get the salary needed to live in this very expensive town. We should support all represented and non-represented employees fighting for better wages, benefits and working conditions; face it, Bloomberg spends more on one suit than most city workers make in a month.

And calling for Bloomberg to fire the MTA employees is idiotic. Reagan’s decision to fire striking union workers was dangerous; you really don’t want to know how many close calls there were because replacement air traffic controllers weren't experienced. But, then again, sometimes it’s best to just stay in the dark. Bush does, and look how well he’s doing.

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