Thursday, December 14, 2006

What October Surprise?

There seems to have been none and that's surprising. Unless you count the surprise Rev. Haggard's wife received. Sweet Jesus.

Iran wasn't invaded. Bin Laden wasn't found in the Lincoln bedroom, No US cities or national monuments were blown up. No terrorist plots were uncovered. What's going on? Did the Republicans think the election was so locked up that no Surprise was needed this year?

There were reports of voter intimidation, electronic voting machines malfunctioning, annoying robo phone calls, racist advertisements, but this is just SOP for the RNC so no surprise there.

Rummy resigning was not surprising, unexpected maybe, but because it was a post election event, it didn't affect the outcome. Well, at least not in a way beneficial to Republicans.

So, I'm sad (?) to announce there was no October Surprise. At least none that I or the judges of this old Contest can see.

Or did we miss something?

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