Friday, November 02, 2007

Here's the BEST Question for the CNN/YouTube Republican Debate

In this video, you'll hear the best question submitted for the CNN/YouTube Republican debate ever! One which will most likely not slip by the censors.

Originally posted on DailyKos, here's a second look at this "Video Greeting Card" which was created to congratulate everyone at Yearly Kos for a job well done. The event, the Blogger's Brunch, was broadcast live into Second Life's Progressive Island. Everyone is really enjoying themselves - were you there and can you spot yourself?

I must say again: What an incredibly nice group of people those Progressives are!
To view other events from Yearly Kos as seen in Second Life click "here".

(Music excerpt of "Praise You" from Fatboy Slim's album You've Come A Long Way Baby)

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